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Fee Schedule

Private Sessions:

Private Session, 75 minutes:

  • One Person                        $65.00
  • 2-3 people                          $95.00
  • 4-5 people                          $110.00
  • 6 people                              $120.00

A 10% discount will be applied if you prepay for 4 sessions
A 15% discount will be applied if you prepay for 6 sessions

Group Sessions at client’s location:
Fees for group classes at recreational/fitness centers, senior residential centers or corporate facilities will vary depending on individual arrangements and contract terms.

Click here to contact Mary Kay or call or text at 331-201-2722 .

Cancellation Policy: Please call in or email your cancellation notice.   Provide a minimum 24-hour notice when cancelling your appointment and it will be re-scheduled.  You will be charged for the session with a notice less than 24 hours.